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Ray Peterson – Candidate for Clayton County Supervisor

Ray Peterson -1

As a lifelong resident of Clayton County, Ray is running as Clayton County Supervisor “for a better tomorrow”.

Ray Believes In:
Managing the county budget
Spending taxpayer money wisely
Investing in county infrastructure
Attracting new businesses
Utilizing our county resources more effectively



Ray’s experience makes him the best person for the job!

35 Years Road Construction

  •  Ray has first-hand experience with the bidding process and how it reduces expenses by promoting competition.

15 Years Excavating Business Owner

  • Ray makes decisions daily that impact not only his business but the well-being of his 18 employees and their families.
    He is well aware of what is needed to ensure a budget is set and managed.

Clayton County Land Owner

  • Ray is concerned about conserving our natural resources for the future, while balancing it with progress for today.

Housing Developer

  • Ray is working to make more housing available for Clayton County residents.

Campground Owner/Operator

  • Ray provides a place for visitors to enjoy our beautiful landscape and knows the importance of tourism for the county.

OSHA/MSHA Certification

  • Ray knows how regulation impacts small business and the balance needed to provide a safe working environment.

Department Of Transportation State Contractor

  • Ray recognizes the importance our roads to the agricultural community.

Iowa Land Improvement Contractor Member

  • Ray is familiar with conservation practices and the effect they have on our soil, air, and water.
    He works with NRCS to implement conservation practices throughout the county.

Member of Edgewood Chamber of Commerce Board

  • Ray knows the impact small businesses have to the local community.
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