Message from Clayton County Republican Chairman – Joe Zuercher

2020 has been one hell of a year! Early on we found ourselves in the middle of Covid- 19 that basically devastated the world. We experienced an economy that basically ground to a halt, or so we were told. But, people in the Midwest continued to move on, taking necessary precautions while doing so.

Iowa became the number one ranked state financially on Covid-19 recovery. Many thanks to our good people working together with our great Governor, Kim Reynolds.

We saw the rioting that went on in many of our cities which destroyed many businesses that were owned by black, white and other segments of our society. Democrats refused to say against it and actually supported the riots.

We moved on to an election that was anything but secure, So many things we saw left us to wonder what was going on. Many of us were left questioning if we will ever have a safe, secure and fair election ever again.

The poor decisions made by a few people on January 6, 2021, gave the democrats something to use against the Republican Party for a long time. This actions not something we would ever agree with and should not have happened.

Back home in Clayton County, we had one of our best years for fundraising and promotion of our Republican Candidates. This is thanks to the hard working people of this group that is here tonight. Honestly, I believe we out performed many of the larger counties in Iowa. We elect Republicans!! We all should be very proud.

We must also be thankful for four years of a president that actually cared and looked out for the blue collar working people which is something we have not seen for many years. He made it clear to us the corruption and wasting that goes on in Washington D.C. He also taught us that no matter who we are, getting involved in politics can make a difference! President Trump made it clear that you must love your God, Love your Family and Love your Country! You must hold your head high for what is right and never stop fighting.